Sea Trout River Fishing

The Sea Trout is one of the most exciting fish that swims up our rivers and lochs. They can be caught by many methods but the fly is the most exhilarating and heart pumping action you will have. I am going to run through a few different tactics for  you to get some sport in the next couple of months.

Below is the Grey Monkey fly one of oldest and very popular river patterns.


Depending on what River or Loch in the UK you are fishing will decide the style or method you choose, some anglers will be fishing 2 ½” Aluminium and Plastic tube flies and others size 16 dry flies. Wherever you are heading it is worth while doing a bit of homework on your outing. Most Sea Trout anglers head out to sit and watch their favorite pool before dark, mainly to see if all is quiet and nothing is disturbing the pool. Sea Trout hate noisy anglers and will be put off very easily if you are not careful, wade slowly and keep noise to an absolute minimum.

There are some rivers, like the Tweed, that Sea Trout fishing is a must in daylight hours, strange I know but they have some of the biggest fish in Scotland running up their river and tributaries.

I will cover a few different tactics from subsurface and move through to full on surface fishing on these next few posts.

Floating lines with wee doubles can be very successful even during day light hours. Below are two well know doubles, Silver Stoat and a variation of the Teal Blue & Silver as we have added CDC front hackle.

I would not recommend any more than a two fly cast, some of us use only one fly when waters are big or when fishing for exceptionally large fish.

Single patterns can be fished above a double or above flying treble pattern. In clear water it can look to the Sea Trout as if the larger pattern is chasing the smaller pattern.


Here are some other wet fly patterns that do well –

I can’t miss out of this first article skated river patterns, truly the most spectacular way to catch Sea Trout and big ones too. A must for tidal water and the lower reaches of your river. Cast square or even in a big down stream mend you will soon know if there is fish in the pool. Patterns are not complicated, from a skated Muddler to some of the large skated Gurgler or large Muddler patterns.



Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you have a very busy season catching. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.


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