Copper for the Spring

When your heading to the river it is always good to have a copper option in your fly box. Copper colour is normally a go to colour when you have a peat stain in the water. I have put a few of our copper flies that you might take a fancy to try.

Copper Cascade is a variant of the well know Cascade pattern, we have added a copper body and copper highlights to the wing.


Copper Cascade

The Swallow and the Slumdog were designed originally by Ian Gordon. With there striking colour schemes they are fantastic spring patterns. The Swallow also double up as a great Norwegian pattern in the summer months.


This Copper Munro was designed by Iain Wilson, with its long  flowing wing gives this fly lots of life when it comes out of the main flow and hits the quieter water.


Copper Munro

Copper Stoat double is more of a summer pattern but in low Spring water use in a size 8 or 10 can fish very well.


Copper Stoat

Cragganmore Killer was designed by the well known head ghillie and fly tier Robert Mitchell who works on the Macallan beat.


Cragganmore Killer


Whatever takes your fancy please go to our  online brochure and purchase them  from our stockists list.

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