Riffle Hitching Success

Well we are still on low water conditions on many rivers and I am sure there will be water coming soon but we must fish the conditions and the riffle hitch tube fishing has had many an angler trying it for the first time. My favorite way of catching trout is on the dry fly and why not bring that method/style to Salmon fishing. Yes, seeing the take on the surface of the water. You don’t need your big rods, leave them in the cupboard, a switch rod or even a 10′ trout rod will make a useful tool to hook your fish. Another fab tip is you can glue your tube at the front end trapping a pocket of air which makes it even easier to use.



Stealth is normally everything when you are doing the hitch, light presentation and longer leaders. Cast across the flow if you have some these days! and if not work your fly across the pool with a figure of eight or slow pull retrieve. You will be fascinated how your fly dances over the water with the wake in its trail. Then if all goes well you will see a nose or even better a large wake at your fly before the take. I can say the fish are most taken back when the line tightens as they normally go bonkers at this point. Play it more gentle than normal as you will be on a size 14 or 16 hook.



I hope you enjoy you sport as much as I do, its been a hard year but this method has given many anglers a lot of pleasure this season.


Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and wish you all the best for 2018 season. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.



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