Sea Trout Fly Fishing

There have been plenty of good runs of Sea Trout in most rivers due to all the rain wehave been having recently.


When heading out at 10pm to sit next to your favorite pool looking to check all is undisturbed. Stealth is everything at this time of night and it will pay off. No rush even though they are jumping and looking settled just take your time and enjoy the evening. Some anglers fish two fly setup and other a single fly as they prefer less tangles, this is entirely up to you.

Every river has its favorite patterns and I will show you what I have found successful over many years fishing the River Earn, Dee and Esk rivers.

If you venture out during day light hours to catch Sea Trout this can be a matter of looking where they will be sitting, normally in the head or tail of the  pools. They love white water and sit there in full confidence that they can’t be seen but you know they are there. One of the most devastating pattern styles can be mini plastic tubes dibbled in the white foamy water. This can always produce some surprises as well with salmon taking in the same spot as the Sea Trout are lying. You can use these patterns at night as well where a single hitched tube can be one of the most exciting ways to catch them.

Intermediate lines, tube flies and tandem patterns is a very successful method when darkness falls and also during daylight hours. In high water or tidal river conditions, tube flies can be the answer to catching those bigger Sea Trout, fished on clear intermediate lines and heavier tippet material.

We have introduced a new style of fly this season which is proving very successful, the Friggi Style tube and double patterns.

Their twin winged patterns give extra wake and movement and the doubles are tied with a rabbit twin wing giving them even more movement when fishing the deep pools and runs.


I hope I have given you some idea on Sea Trout patterns and how to improve your catches.

4476Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you have a very busy season catching your favorite fish. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our new 2019 online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.

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