Difficult to catch Salmon

Difficult conditions need subtle colours and not too much flash. We all love to see fish jumping in the pools and runs but get frustrated when they don’t take. Well here are a few flies to out fox them.


Micro flies are always worth a cast be it on a tube, double or even a tiny size 16 treble.


Most important issue is using the correct rod and tippet material. Scale down from your usual 14′ or 15′ rod to a 11′ or 12′ rod and picture your self trying to catch a sea trout or a trout then you will catch so many more salmon with this attitude. I fish normally with very low diameter nylon about 12lb which will hold any size of fish in most rivers. If you fish too heavy a tippet your fly will not move freely and will look stiff and swim squint. Another good method is using a Perfection knot or Lefty’s loop knot to attach your single, double or micro treble fly to the tippet so it is not tied tight to the nylon but free to move and dance about.

There are another two methods I use to get a take.


One – Sunray Shadow cast at 45 degrees to the stream or pool and let it swing, if it is very slow you can always help it round with a figure of eight retrieve.

And another method is bugging a heavily weighted tungsten 6mm and 12mm Francis down the pool like a nymph, not my favorite method but it certainly works when the fish do not want to move.

wee ones

Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you have a very busy season catching your favorite fish. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our new 2019 online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.

1 thought on “Difficult to catch Salmon

  1. Steve holtby

    Those tips are very helpfull.sometimes we all need a reminder of the different ways of catching fish .instead of just going through the motions and ending up with a blank and blameing the conditions.
    Regards Steve holtby

    Liked by 1 person


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